Putting people first

In everything we do, in everything we think, in everything we are, we put people first. Our clients – we not only want to satisfy them with our performance, but we want them to be excited about our service. Our staff – we entrust them with autonomy and responsibilities, so that they can develop their personality and find joy in their work. Our partners – we not only want to work together with them, but we want to establish and develop long-lasting relationships.

To us, this is the only way to offer products of the highest quality and a first class service, and to make each experience unique and memorable for our guests. As a result, value creation is increased for all parties; this has become our conviction and motivation to constantly develop ourselves.

Conrad Etzweiler, the founder of the company, represents this on a daily basis by caring about the concerns of clients, staff and guests – before, during and after every event. He exemplifies the philosophy of the company in his own work, which is in turn executed by all his staff, as well.

About us

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